When did Bing go through Detroit for their Streetside imagery? There have been some questions about this over the past few days. The copyright says 2012, and that’s pretty much what I’d gone off of, but beyond that I hadn’t really thought of figuring out when Bing went through.

I figured I should try to find out though. Google searches didn’t produce much, so I tried to think of what I could see from Streetview / Streetside that might indicate when the photo-cars went through: Gas prices!

Above are two screenshots — one from Google, one from Bing. Same gas station on Van Dyke and Gratiot. Bing shows gas at $3.83, Google at $2.59. I did a search looking for the history of Detroit gas prices and found the chart above.

Black Stars = Bing Streetside sync

Red Stars = Google Streetview sync

So it looks like Google most likely did go through in 2009, and Bing could have followed up anytime between lat 2010, and mid-2012. Now, some of Bing’s Streetside imagery looks pretty Fall-like in weather — no leaves on the trees. However the gas station image above makes it look pretty summery.

So I think my guess is that Bing went through Detroit Summer/Fall of 2011. The gas prices sync up in 2012, too, but I’m pretty sure I was already using Bing Streetside at that point.

Think I got it?

  1. graymachines answered: @fasterfaster, nice one! I’ll check…
  2. fasterfaster answered: try movie theaters that play new releases and have marquees! or, even better, a music venue with a marquee for ‘tonights show’
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